Kildare has something which is still quite new in Ireland and are very proud to be the oldest Salt Therapy clinic in Ireland. Using pharmaceutical medical grade salt and salt from the Red Sea, we introduce Salt Therapy. A microclimate which is found naturally in Salt Mines is re-created, comparable to that of the salty air of the sea. Salt Therapy brings the positive effect of such a climate to acute and chronic inflammation of the breathing passages which has been known since ancient times.

Our unique Salt Cave delivers all of this and more. We treat new-born’s, we see babies from 6 months, young children, adults, young and elderly. Salt Therapy is a clinically proven drug free treatment for people of all ages that suffer with upper or lower respiratory breathing conditions. Pharmaceutical medically graded salt particles are released into a specially designed salt cave. These tiny particles are immediately transported to all parts of the upper and lower respiratory tract. The therapy reduces swelling in the bronchial airways, allowing clients to breathe more freely. The therapy breaks down mucous phlegm and draws this build-up out of the lungs. The salt particles penetrate inwards, killing bacteria and viruses while soothing the respiratory system. Salt Therapy dramatically reduces the frequency of dry/ mucous coughing, wheezing and respiratory discomfort.


  • 1 session Adult / Child €10
  • 3 Sessions for €60
  • 5 Sessions for €80
  • 10 Sessions for €150

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