What is Salt Therapy?
How does Salt Therapy work?
Which symptoms can be treated by Salt Therapy?
What results can patients expect?
How Are Health Improvements Noticeable?
What shall I wear during Salt Therapy?
Why is relative humidity important in the Salt Cave?
What can I do with my small children/toddlers during the Salt Therapy session?
What advantages does The Salt Cave - Salt Therapy has over the original salt mine cave environment?
Is Salt Therapy suitable for children and babies?
Why do children suffer more often from respiratory illnesses?
Why do you have salt lining the walls and on the floor in the room?
Why is it so relaxing in the salt rooms?
I thought salt was not good for us. Why is it good in the lungs?
How sterile is the microclimate in The Salt Cave?
Does salt therapy produce adverse side effects.
What skin conditions can salt therapy support and heal?
What are the Contraindications?